Excessive Bullshit Syndrome

Marriage has an emotion scale. Normally it goes from a calm, rewarding conversation to a mature disagreement over a specific topic. A compromise or agreement is made and life happily goes on. This may vary slightly and may include some heated discussions, but it’s still good.

Then there is the extreme situation where you go from being a reasonably intelligent person to one that can no longer form a sentence. The brain cells are gone and you’re just passing time. You get to the point where you get dizzy, you can see your loving partner talking but hear nothing. And everything is in slow motion. At first I’m thinking this is better than any acid I ever dropped, but I snap out of it and realize it’s nothing more than a mild stroke. No worries, off to the hospital I go.  I get checked out and the diagnosis is EBS or Excessive Bullshit Syndrome caused by exposure to repeated episodes of bullshit. EBS is more common than I thought. A recent study showed that 43% of marriages suffer from it and those are only the ones that choose to report it. I think there are many more that are either too embarrassed to report it or they’re just ok with the occasional acid trip.

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