The Circus Comes to Town…

Ringling Brothers came to Washington DC a few years ago and brought a twisted version of a circus that’s felt like an endless episode of The Twilight Zone. When the circus first arrived, you’d see these clowns walking around in a house. They all looked a little “off” and none of them smiled, especially the grumpy one with the orange head. Something’s not right about them but you can’t really put your finger on it. You don’t see much of the inside of the house and you never see the outside of the house so it’s hard to tell where they are, but soon after they arrived you come to realize they all work in the White House! Oh boy, this can’t be good… It’s one thing to watch 72 clowns hop into a Volkswagen beetle, but you tend to get a little concerned when they all get out at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave with their lunchboxes in hand.

We’ll call the main character Agent Orange. Why? Because we’re pretty sure he’s working the night shift for Russia and, that’s right, he’s the grumpy one with the orange head who has appointed himself the position of President. Why? Because he says so, that’s why.

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